Feathers ruffled from years of flimsy, wasteful conventional feeders, we were hungry to build the ultimate chicken feeder. After months of research and design, then weeks of prototyping, fabrication and animal testing, we finally built 'the Coolest Chicken Feeder in the World!'

Over engineered, fully automatic, holds 150kg of food, stops mess, poop, waste and rodents, made from recycled materials and Glows in the Dark!!!

Sorry, we are not patenting, building or selling them. We 'open source' and release this contraption on the world, free for anyone to make one even cooler!

Check out the funny 3 min video: (WARNING!!! Includes 2 minutes of live animal testing using birds-eye-view action footage of what is probably happening right now...)

Seen the video, now want all the hard core detail with heaps of pictures on why and how we made it? Click on the "Stuff in this Group..." articles on the right.

We gift our learning and effort to the benefit of all.
Be Excellent to each other!!!

Crazy Dave & Jana
the Weekend Hippies


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